NEC Estimating Coordinator II, Casey Bushway, recommends her favorite Power Tool, SmartBid.

SmartBid is a cloud based construction bid management software program for general contractors.

Casey wants you to know that she relies on SmartBid to: 

  • Build and maintain our subcontractor database

  • Send and track communication to subs including bid requests and project documents. You can see when a sub has opened an email and which recipient did so. 

  • (Speaking of documents!) Serves as a centralized hub for a project's drawings and supporting documents. Accessible by anyone invited to view the project.

  • Easily segment subcontractor lists by region, history, owner status and other definable fields.

  • Generate a variety of reports that allow an instantaneous live view of your project coverage, making it easy to identify what trades need more attention.

Bushway describes SmartBid as her go to partner during the bidding process when working with

subcontractor bids and questions. You can check out SmartBid here.