Name: Dave Cangarl

Position: Project Engineer

线上德扑app官网hometown: Rehoboth, MA
How long have you been with NEC: 6 months
1. What was your very first job?

My very first job was landscaping and digging graves in all of Rehoboth’s cemeteries; I swear it’s not as morbid as it sounds. I also worked at Benny’s around the same time, and stayed there until I was about half way through college.

2. What’s your favorite weekend activity?

I usually spend the majority of my weekends outdoors either working on my project truck, riding 4 wheelers, or on the boat in the summer time.

3. If you could have dinner with anyone in history, alive or dead, who would it be and why?

Alexander Hamilton.  He was one of the driving voices behind writing the constitution and set up the nation’s financial infrastructure.  He was one of the greatest statesmen America has ever seen.  He also founded the Coast Guard, and I love boating.  I’d ask him for tips on my 401k, and his thoughts on Aaron Burr’s marksmanship.

4. If you had to choose, what’s one of your favorite job responsibilities? Why?

I’d say my favorite job responsibility is collaborating with the rest of the project leadership team to build and deliver unique and quality products for our clients.

5. What’s one of your favorite past projects you’ve worked on at NEC?

So far, my favorite project has been the Moses Brown Squash Courts in Providence, RI.

6. What are 3 words to describe NEC?

Integrity, Family, Commitment

7. What advice would you give a new NEC team member on their first day?

Always be willing to learn and open to trying new approaches and methods.

8. If you had to give one piece of advice on happiness, what would it be?

Go with the flow – there’s no sense in stressing the things that are out of your control.  Focus on the things that you can control and don’t get worked up over the things that you can’t.


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