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Defining Purpose

Matt Sluter10/18/2019

“Success demands singleness of purpose.” - Vince Lombardi

Coach Lombardi uses just a few words in this quote, but truly hits the nail on the head. When we consider building the success of businesses in our chosen industries we must have a clearly defined purpose behind every choice and action we...

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Order in the Court(s): Building with Moses Brown and SquashBusters

Mike Gorman8/30/2019

“Moses Brown exists to inspire the inner promise of each student and instill the utmost care for learning, people, and place.”

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We hear YOU! Leadership in the CM & DB Processes

The number one key to success in managing a construction project, of any kind is not the materials used, not the budget in place, or even the act of actually putting up the structure but listening. This becomes even more important when you venture into a project that is based on a Construction...

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If the Shoe Fits, Sign the Contract!

Mike Gorman4/3/2018

There are many tales told about the search for the perfect fit. Goldilocks was trying to find the bed that was just right. The Prince traveled the country side with a glass slipper in his hand looking for the foot of his true love, Cinderella. Much in the same way, a property or business owner...

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Do YOU need a User Manual?

Kim Sluter3/28/2018

Do you need a personal user manual?

We all have our unique gifts.  We also have preferred settings that generate optimum productivity and flow.  Why not share our idiosyncrasies and preferred working environment with our employees, teams and colleagues, and develop a ‘user manual’ that captures...

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Top 6 Considerations for Winter Construction in New England

Matt Sluter11/1/2017

The days are growing shorter and there is already a chill in the air. As New Englanders, we know what this means, we are sliding down that slippery hill towards winter. While it would be nice to think we could stock our larders and close the doors to ride out the season, we know this is not...

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Ask Yourself This… Questions for Small Business Owners Considering Expansion

Mike Gorman10/18/2017

Making the decision to expand your business is one that obviously requires a lot of forethought. You set goals with your managers, speak with your shareholders, and even discuss the pro’s and con’s with your family. Growing pains for a small business involve a fair amount of risk and must be...

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An Employers Guide to Career Fair Basics

Getting Started!

From an employer’s perspective, preparation is one of the most critical aspects to the success of a career fair.

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Buying In to the Buyout!

Suzette Joseph5/18/2017

“Buyout” is the transitional time between the preconstruction and the construction phases of a project. It is during buyout that purchase orders and subcontracts are issued. Working closely with construction management team and general contractors at this stage is crucial to the overall...

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Road Tripping On The Buyer's Journey!

Mike Gorman5/4/2017

Spring Fever is settling in here in New England as the days get longer, the sun shines brighter and the frost has faded away. This is a great time of the year to plan a road trip. Of course when you sit down to do this you start asking yourself some questions, like:

  • Why do I even want to do...
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