The Training Wheels Are Off!

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The Training Wheels Are Off!

Dan Loureiro
July 26, 2017

When sophomore year starts the training wheels come off. Expectations and responsibilities are high and the pressure is on. Sophomore year classes no longer give you the benefit of the doubt, or let you “settle in.” Ability has increased, therefore the responsibilities have increased as well. As a sophomore you hit the ground running and you use the knowledge you gained freshman year and build on it.


Back at New England Construction the same holds true. After those first few weeks of training the team gives you an opportunity to showcase your strengths and apply the knowledge learned. Everything learned during the first couple of weeks is now being implemented in an ordinary work day. I have the opportunity to create my own meeting minutes, RFIs and review my own submittals.

My maturity to the task has grown and the work load has grown as well. The work was independently done but reviewed extensively by my superiors. The job sites are becoming more complete as time progresses as well.

Rumford 2.jpg

The Rumford Center looks great on the first floor. Punch list items have begun and the units will be ready in no time. While up on fifth floor drywall has been hung and gypcrete (gypsum concrete) will be poured soon. All five floors are at different stages of construction and the team is more efficient each time they move higher in the building.


First Chrysler is also making a push to be completed within the next few weeks.  The exterior of the building still has some work to be done and the EIFS is finished and looks great. FRP panels and ceiling tiles are almost fully installed; while paint is working on tying the rooms together nicely. 

As a “sophomore” intern at NEC, I feel more confident in the work I complete, the decisions I make and the conversations I encounter. Sophomore year has come to an end and I can only anticipate more responsibilities and rewarding challenges to come.


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