Those first steps... Joining the New England Construction Team

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Those first steps... Joining the New England Construction Team

Jonathan Mondesir
March 09, 2017

With ambition comes opportunity,

Having the mind of a leader and the heart of a solider.

My road to success has arrived.


My first day working for New England Construction was Feb 1st. I remember walking in through the front door with so many emotions running through my head. I glanced around and saw my expression was mirrored in my coworkers’ faces. The first week was very informative but very entertaining at the same time. There were many activities that took place during this period such as a company-wide Happy Hour at a local restaurant that was a great way to break the ice, lunches with my co-workers, and meetings with our leadership team to gain an understanding of the work that lay ahead for me. As they say though, all fun must come to an end. After a couple of weeks getting my feet wet and getting to know the people I would be working with, I was grouped with a Project Manager to start on my first project. 


Time management, the learning curve, success, fear, pressure, contentment, determination. Just a list of thoughts and feelings that ran through my mind during this time. Here is a journey to a path that is full of accomplishment, so I told myself “To achieve you must succeed, but to succeed you must fail, and in order to overcome failure you must GET UP”.  I would need to use my skills and new knowledge to jump into my new career, to take risks and sacrifice to get the job done. 


Now there is a lot to be learned when starting at a new company. Your emotions can run high and your workload will be significant. However, that high stress atmosphere can spawn great creativity, innovation, and reward. Choosing to join this team has granted me new opportunities that I will not take for granted. For those of you soon to stand in my shoes, I will leave you with these words, “Keep pushing for what you believe, keep striving to succeed. CHEERS TO NEW BEGNNINGS AND TO NEW JOURNEYS!!!”                   

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