Summer Orientation: New England Construction's Intern Blog Begins Again

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Summer Orientation: New England Construction's Intern Blog Begins Again

Bodlaire Pinthiere
June 21, 2017

You know that feeling you get on the first day at a new school?  You know the one where all you can think about are different ways you can fail and creating scenarios that are pretty much impossible? Whether it be a new job in a new state or your freshman year of school away from 线上德扑app官网home, we tend to focus on everything that can go wrong.


After receiving the internship offer letter from New England Construction I was excited to get started with the internship. I looked up directions to the building and logistics of when I should leave my house. It was like getting my schedule finalized and looking up where I’ll be going the first day of school. You can’t help but have your mind wander and think of different possibilities and combinations of situations that had very little chance of happening. Being my first internship and first real life experience in the Marketing field, it definitely left me with questions I would have to find the answers to.

What would my day to day schedule look like, how does marketing at a construction company work, how much control will I have over learning opportunities, or how many coffee runs will I have to make a day? My first day walking into the front door I seemed to be calm and collected on the outside but was anxious on the inside. Not knowing what to expect I ventured in through the front door. I was greeted by Office Coordinator Melissa Ferrell who wasted no time extending me a warm welcome. She mentioned the office would be mostly empty due to a weekly meeting going on and proceeded to give me an in-depth tour of the building, stopping to introduce me to the employees in the office.

As with most first days I was overwhelmed with information and had to try to memorize everything. I was relieved to find out the stories of interns being coffee runners wouldn’t be a reality here. Coffee was brewed by Melissa in house so much to my relief I would not be making daily trips to a coffee shop. Much like with the first week of college you are generally trying to section off what is important and what you need to know.

After my tour I met with Marketing Administrator, Mike Gorman, who I would be working with throughout the summer. He handed me an onboarding schedule not unlike a basic syllabus where I saw what I would be working on throughout the summer. I was introduced to my rather spacious workspace for the summer unlike the limited space you get in the cramped dorms freshman year. I was “roomed” with Dan (an Operations intern) who was a welcomed sight as I wasn’t the only intern here. Throughout the week I became familiar with the platforms I would be using for my time here which included the HubSpot CRM and Inbound Marketing Certification course. Learning how marketing tied into NEC’s mission and how everything is brought together was interesting in its own right.

The biggest thing that stood out to me was how personable and warm everyone at the office was. Although I had taken a look at the company culture video on the website before I got started, I was surprised to find the NEC family to be exactly as depicted in the video. I attended a lunch with a number of members of the team my first day and got to learn some background information about everyone. The atmosphere I was exposed to at lunch reinforced the company culture. I felt extremely comfortable and enjoyed the stories they shared. They wasted no time making me feel like I’ve been here for weeks although I had only just arrived.


In only a week at NEC I have learned a lot about the construction industry. Not only was I shown what I would be doing in the office but I also got a chance to see how NEC operates out in the field with a visit to our Rumford Center project. It was one of the most interesting parts of my orientation and I will be sharing more of that experience with you in the weeks to come.  

Much like the first year of college, my first week here has been quite the learning experience. Getting myself in tune with my surroundings has been a welcome challenge but I feel I fit right in. For the rest of the summer Dan, Blake (another Operations intern), and I will be sharing with you our experiences in this blog. By September I hope you will get a good insight into how much we’ve learned in our respective positions and also a look at who we are as people too. Click the link below to keep up with our adventures!


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