Skipping the Sophomore Slump at New England Construction

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Skipping the Sophomore Slump at New England Construction

Bodlaire Pinthiere
July 12, 2017

Familiarity. I’ve always looked forward to the middle of all processes and sophomore year of college is the definition of middle.The middle is great in my opinion. There are less nerves when compared to freshman year and less uncertainty when related to senior year. It’s the equilibrium where the beginning and end meet.  This is the midpoint for my internship at New England Construction.

Sophomore slump.jpeg

Less are the “am I doing this correctly” and more are the “what’s the most efficient way I can finish this project”. On the last blog post I reflected on my first impression and beginning of the internship. Now that I’ve been here about a month I have gotten accustom to the duties I have been assigned this summer. Sophomore year is where you move on from the random exploration of the first year and on to focused exploration. Where instead of roaming campus looking for new experiences you lean more toward doing the things you have enjoyed. For some this may mean moving on from the freshman 15 and continuing onto the sophomore slump.

From looking at a lot of different things and familiarizing myself with the business of construction as a whole, my view has narrowed into solely focusing on the marketing side of construction. Although it’s not the first week where you’re taking in tons of information every day, I am still learning new things. If it’s not an entirely new experience then it’s a more effective way to complete a task I am to complete for the end of the summer.

Coordinating the intern blog has been an experience in itself. Learning the marketing techniques and ideas pertaining to blogging and putting them into action adds to my understanding. Learning and going through the process of coordinating it up every week has been exciting.

Another highlight of this position is seeing the process of creating and updating a portfolio page. As time goes on pages are updated with recent pictures and development of the construction.  It gives viewers a chance to look at the timeline of a project while putting a picture to a stage of construction like the Moses Brown School Squash Courts. You can stay updated with the project’s recently updated portfolio page here.


During my time here I have also been able to familiarize myself with HubSpot, an inbound marketing and sales platform. By completing the Inbound Marketing and Content Marketing certifications I am exposed to new marketing techniques companies practice daily. These aren’t things that you’re taught in school and it is great to see how it relates to New England Construction and the construction industry as a whole.

Overall at this point of the summer I’m familiar with everything I was tasked with during the onboarding process. Like sophomore year where you’re no longer the aimless freshman but your also not the stressed out senior, here at New England Construction I sit somewhere in the middle and I am pretty happy about that.

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