Out of Time

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Out of Time

Bodlaire Pinthiere
August 30, 2017

The end of my time at New England Construction is here and it has been quite the ride. Today marks the last day of my internship here and the last week of my summer. On one hand I’m looking forward to going back to school. On the other hand it’s been a positive experience that eventually had to end.

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Throughout my time here I’ve learned a lot about the different processes and techniques used to market a construction firm. I’ve learned how to put my HubSpot Inbound and Content Marketing certifications to use as I looked for new ways to create content to draw people in to New England Construction's world. This was my first time doing any formal writing also so coordinating this blog has been a lot of fun throughout the summer.

The main thing I’ve learned during my time here was about the construction industry as a whole.  From the sales cycle, to the different stages of building, to bidding a project; it’s all been overwelming but a welcomed learning experience. Being exposed to a lot of different concepts my internship has helped me become a more well rounded marketer. As my time winds down I have been trying to finish up the projects I’ve been working on this summer. I’ve also had the opportunity to do some site photos of previous completed projects.


On my first post I talked about the tour I took through the Rumford Center which currently has tenants living in the building. I got a chance to check out China Eternal and walk through the expansion that was completed. Being my first shoot I wanted to be thorough and ended up taking 200+ pictures of the facility without noticing. Another site I got to take pictures of that is in the late stages of construction is First Auto Chrysler. This one was interesting due to how big it is inside and all the different rooms i saw as I got a tour of the building. The building is two levels and had a lot more to it than I thought for a dealership. Taking pictures of the building was cool especially looking into the service bay and seeing the lift setup.


Transitioning into the end of my internship is different because I’m asked for feedback and suggestions. Since I am the first Marketing intern they have had it was helpful to be able to summarize my experience. It is cool to be able to give thoughts on what I’ve been exposed to and be able to suggest opportunities or things I think can change or be built upon, and have them taken into consideration. It will be exciting to see if any ideas are implemented.

As senior year at NEC comes to an end i prepare myself for my senior year at school. Overall I had a lot of fun and learned a lot here at NEC and would like to thank everyone who had a hand in my successful experience here.

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