Integrity, Excellence, Commitment... And Family?

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Integrity, Excellence, Commitment... And Family?

Amy Grenga, Director of Human Resources
June 14, 2017

In 1985,David Sluter founded New England Construction as a family owned company built upon three major guiding principles – integrity, excellence, and commitment.  Well, 32 years later, Matt Sluter, David’s son is now leading the company with those three principles in the forefront of his mind.  If we could add one more term to our company tag line it would be – integrity, excellence, commitment, and family.  When you become an employee at New England Construction, the Sluter family treats you as if you are one of their own. That’s why working at New England Construction is such a unique and rewarding opportunity.


Here at New England Construction we create an environment where employees feel motivated, challenged, and excited to come to work every day.  We are able to do this by hosting employee engagement events, recognizing accomplishments, and providing our employees with flexibility.   

As the HR Manager, I am passionate and dedicated to our culture and making New England Construction truly a great place to work.

Now let’s see what some of our employees think …

Ron Brouillette, Superintendent, had this to say:

"Some of the reasons I like working at NEC

  • The pay and benefits are great.
  • Any time I need to take time off for family business they are very understanding.
  • Any time I have an issue with anything I can call human resources or anyone in the office and discuss."

And Jesslie Ramos, Estimating Coordinator, shared this with me:

"I love the NEC company culture. We always have time for family. Whether it’s a wedding party or loss of a loved one, NEC always makes it a point that family comes first.  My role in this company is a responsibility I take pride in. I enjoy putting together all relevant documents for a new project during its bidding stage - hopeful of it leading into NEC winning projects and gaining relationships. The people I work with make my days in the office flow easier. Especially on stressful days, everyone needs some time away from their workload. At NEC, my colleagues enjoy talking about their weekend activities and families. They are the best listeners as well! Overall, I love working at NEC and NEC also reciprocates their love and appreciation for us, the employees."


Thank you to Ron and Jesslie for sharing their thoughts on what they like about working at New England Construction. I hope to bring the perspective of more of our team back to the blog and you, our audience, very soon. If our words have piqued your interest in working for NEC, click the link below.

Want to join our team? 

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