Eyes on the Ball: Observing the Completion of a Project

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Eyes on the Ball: Observing the Completion of a Project

Brendan Pickett
August 10, 2016

burlington, constructionThe count is at 2-2, and it’s time to come through with a big pitch on the mound.  An out here would be key in winning this game.  This has been a great at-bat, with both the batter and I really focusing in on the moment.  Back at the job site, I am watching the Rhode Island Mall project make its completion.  It has been awesome seeing the progress made in just the couple of months I’ve been here

For those local to the area, you’ll know the mall used to be 线上德扑app官网home to dozens of shops, split into two levels with an open balcony in the center.  It was a hub of Rhode Island shopping, and busy almost all the time up until its final years.  It’s amazing how many locals have come up to me while being on site at the mall and reminisced about their experiences in the mall.  It seemed like everyone had a personal connection with the building.  And many of them were happy to see the building finally being put back in business, even if it’s not technically a “mall” anymore.

The new Rhode Island Mall now consists of 5 large tenant spaces split up on two different levels.  The stores are no longer interconnected inside the mall, so it’s now built like a shopping plaza you’d see in your town.  Because of the drastic changes in the renovation of the mall, I’ve had the opportunity to see some awesome things.  Although I wasn’t at NEC when they filled in the open balcony with a large slab of concrete, I can still see where it was poured, and it amazes me how they were able to just fill in a wide open area with concrete.  I took a look around at all of the new beams, columns, and decking that were installed in order to support the slab, and it was remarkable.  I had never seen anything like it before. 
Another fascinating development on the project was the Burlington fit up.  Besides creating the 5 new tenant spaces in the mall, we were also given the job of preparing one of them for a Burlington store.  I saw a completely empty, fully concrete space with a full electrical room become a fully remodeled and ready-for-business Burlington store.  I watched the demolition team come in and tear down the concrete walls and electrical room, I watched the concrete team come in and level out the concrete flooring, I watched the tile company come in and install brand new flooring for the sales area, I watched the drywall company install the walls and finishes, I watched the painters paint the walls with the Burlington color scheme, and I watched the electricians wire in all the lighting.  The list goes on and on, and it was awesome to see it all come together.  Another awesome thing to see was the installation of the Burlington storefront.  Going into stores growing up, I always wondered how they got their big entrances installed.  From watching Burlington, I saw the complete installation of the storefront entrance, including the framing, panels, electric wire-ins, and masonry.  The transformation from my first day at the mall back in mall to today is astonishing.   

The catcher has given me the sign for my next pitch, and it’s time to dial it in.  I wind up and deliver a fastball high.  The batter lays off.  Ball three.

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